❝ that there fellow ❞ (rellaheenim) wrote in xmansion_ooc,
❝ that there fellow ❞

Plot, mehbeh?

*pokes site* soo....... is anyone still around? >_>

I was thinking about maybe stirring up some trouble, try to get some kind of plot started..... Haven't talked to the mods, so this is a question to them too.

Maybe a raid, attack, or something in town with a bunch of baddies? Confrontation? Maybe?

I dunno, just something to get this place going again, I guess. It seems a little.... dead....? >_>

Anyways, other ideas are welcome! Please, let's do something!

If you'd rather IM me than post a comment here, send a message to rellaxheenim or greenteacherhj. ^^
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