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For everyone here who might still be playing...I have a plot offer. Take it or leave it.

So basically, it's reall simple. Humans (DAMN THEM) have organized hate groups, kind of like the Ku Klux Klan, but more violent. They target every mutant, and also their families, mutants, kids, innocents or not.

They planned a specific day, having researched on every mutant and the school, and attacked every mutant they saw off the streets, the school, and, as I said, the families.

With everything in a complete state of chaos, people get hurt and lost and others rush to go to their loved ones before something bad happens.
The police can't do anything in fear of getting hostages hurt, plus they are suspected to have the government's support. Civilians are hiding because they don't want to be hurt....

They plan to make kidnappings, and kill, and etc etc. The rest is up to you :)

Here's part of what Chan and Hyukjae went through up to now:

Hyukjae: Breaths left him harshly as he leaned up against the wall. There was a cut on his side from the knife, he had left the other kid at the Room to be helped. Hyukjae looked down the dark hall, trying to focus on where he was, where he could go. He needed to get to Chan, he needed to make sure he was okay. Hyukjae gasped softly for air as he ran to Chan's door, knocking on it loudly, his eyes closing.

Chan: Chan hadn't seen Hyukjae for a few hours, and he was in a complete state of panic. He had seen the news, like everyone, and the attacks starting everywhere. A lot of students were missing, some who had gone out of the school to the city, and Hyukjae was one of them. When he heard the knock, his heart umped and he ran to the door.

Seeing Hyukjae there was the biggest relief of his life. That is, until he saw the state he was in. "HYUKJAE! HYUKJAE WHAT HAPPENED!" He pressed a hand to the cute. "You're bleeding!" He became pale.

Hukjae: Hyukjae fell towards Chan, holding onto his boyfriend a bit more and wincing in pain. "They're attacking, the humans....they came after one of the new kids outside and I barely got us away before they killed him." He laughed softly and coughed, trying to focus his vision. "It seems they got me. I'm fine."

Chan: "YOU'RE FINE? WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE FINE?" He wrapped a steady arm around Hyukjae and started dragging him out to the nurse's office. The place was filled with students running everywhere, in the corridors. A few stopped to ask if they needed help, but Chan was focused on getting him healed, and decided that speaking to anyone would be a waste of time. "JUST MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!"

Finally he reached the room. Everyone was already busy healing others, like the kid Hyukjae had saved (who didn't seem that saved yet). "Ok..Sit here...I'll get you bandages..."

Hyukjae: "Yes, we need to figure out what to do." He gasped a bit as Chan started helping him down the hall. He saw some of his friends wander past. Heechul...where was Heechul? Hankyung too. They had to be near by. Hyukjae licked his lips and held onto Chan tightly as pain went through his body from his side. "Don't hurt anyone Tae~"

Sitting down, he leaned back against the wall and nodded. "Take your time." There was a bit of blood on his side, but he wasn't paying attention to it. Apparently their training to be heros would come in use a year early.
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